Sabz Andish Payesh (SAP) is an Iranian multidisciplinary independent private joint stock company registered in the Company Registration Office of Tehran. The company has been established by a group of experts and planners with a long experience record of consultancy services in relevant fields particularly in fields of Urban Planning, Environment, Natural Resources Management, Tourism Planning, and GIS/RS/IT who have been involved in large numbers of major development projects in the country.

Sabz Andish Payesh (SAP) Consulting Engineers with almost 2two decades of experience has established ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in its organization with the aim of quality control and optimized use of available work force. It envisions a process, in which, the projects are conducted at least amount of time with the best ending results due to ISO 21500:2012. Towards this objective and considering ISO 27001:2013 the latest technology and updated software programs are being used in SAP projects. Activities of SAP also respect the ISO 14001:2004 standard due to the importance of environmental issues.

SAP in line with its company goal of continuous improvement in technology and services, collaborates with renowned foreign and domestic engineering companies.


The company has been formally ranked and certified by Plan and Budget Organization of Iran, providing the following services:

• Geographical Studies and Spatial Planning

• Environmental Studies

• Architecture and Structural Design

• Urban Planning, Design and Studies

• Port and Offshore Structures Design

• Water and Wastewater Facilities Design

• Agriculture, Natural Resources and Animal Husbandry Studies

• Geodesy

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